• Colin Duff

Lean Startup Innovation in Legacy Enterprise: IoT Industry 4.0 Talk

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

An edited highlights video of me explaining how to apply Lean Startup to innovation in legacy enterprise. In layman speak, this simply means innovating through rapid iterative experimentation in traditional large organisations (i.e. those which were not born digital and that provide IRL products and services).

In the talk, I give an overview of the Lean Startup methodology and share some examples of how I applied some of the tools and techniques on a previous client challenge. Despite Lean Startup having been published in 2011 and being a global phenomena many legacy enterprises are still struggling to effectively apply it at scale; especially in non-digital contexts.

Mosaic has deep expertise in applying Lean Startup across a wide range of sector including, retail, tech., hospitality, industrial, consumer goods, financial services and pharma. We also have one of the most comprehensive and advanced practitioner toolkits and a renowned training programme for practitioners at any level.

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